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The range of Garden Design services that I can provide are very much tailored to each project. Working in partnership with you, we will work closely to create a practical, exciting and tailored design, uniquely created to reflect you and your lifestyle. Whether your dream garden style is contemporary or traditional, productive or low maintenance, elegant or a natural environment, or a space for children to play in, each garden presents its own unique design challenge.  My focus is to find a successful and personal solution for you and your home.

Consultation Walkround

During a Consultation Visit, I come and walk around the garden with you, discussing opportunities and challenges in the garden, and offering advice and ideas to get the best out of the space you have.  You may be happy with your garden on the whole, but feel that the planting is a bit tired or in need of rejuvenation, or that there are areas of the garden that need a bit of TLC or redevelopment, or you may be looking for a complete redesign.  All details discussed during the visit will be summarised and emailed back to you, along with any relevant images, sketches or links to refer back to. 

As my services are very much tailored to the requirements of each individual garden, at the time of visit we can also discuss if you would like me to provide a no-obligation quote for further work i.e. scaled design plans drawn up and help with finding contractors to carry out any works, or planting plans and plant sourcing. 

Garden Design

Following our initial consultation meeting, a design brief will be written up based on our conversation. I will then arrange to have the garden surveyed to gather all dimensions and height levels in order to produce detailed, scaled plans and designs (taking into account any site restrictions and client budgets).

survey equipment
Garden design initial concept sketch 3D visualisation

Concept drawings will be produced, to show the suggested layout of the garden, and to define areas of hard and soft landscaping. This will be presented back to you, supported by mood boards and visuals to outline suggested materials, and planting theme suggestions.

Once the final design has been agreed, I can assist you in the tendering process to appoint Landscaper professionals to build the garden.

Throughout the garden build phase, I can also monitor the process via Inspection Visits to ensure that the garden is built as per the agreed design and that any issues that may arise are resolved quickly and efficiently. 

example of a full design
Services: Services

Planting Design

Planting can often be the most complex part of the design process, with horticultural requirements to think about (soil types, location, aspect, sun, shade, wind and level of maintenance) as well as consideration being given to form, texture, colour and seasonality of plants.  In addition, there are also personal preferences that also need to be included in the process. 


I can produce planting plans for any area of the garden and for any size, from a full garden makeover to an individual bed or potted patio/balcony design. This can be tailored to fit in with any current or desired style or theme.

I can also source all plants and arrange for delivery and planting.


A​dditionally, I will also provide you with a basic plant maintenance schedule, detailing care instructions for all your new plants, enabling you to keep your garden or planted area looking at its best.

Illustrative image of planting design work
Example of a garden planting plan
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