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Blackford, Edinburgh

This front, back and side garden in the Blackford area was tired and in need of rejuvenation.  The clients wanted somewhere that they could sit out and relax in the sun, and somewhere they could eat out and entertain friends.

We split the side space into 2 'rooms', using raised planters and asymmetrical paving lines to divide the space to create dining and lounge areas.

The back garden, previously only used as access to the driveway and for drying washing,  was reimagined into a shady courtyard style garden, with shade-loving, evergreen plants, asymmetrical paving and river pebbles.

"Sarah at Visionary Gardens has been wonderful. She redesigned our garden beautifully. She drew up the plans, liaised with the builders, included us at each step of the process. She guided and advised us throughout the build. She helped devise a planting schedule to suit our wishes of colour palette and types of plants. She has planted everything with care and nurture. I cannot recommend her highly enough!! Thank you Sarah'" 

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