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This garden is very long and narrow, and was predominantly set to lawn, with unbalanced planting beds on either sides. The clients were keen to break the space up, making it a relaxing garden both for themselves to unwind and entertain, but also for their young child to play and explore.

Two new seating areas have been introduced to make the most of the sun throughout the day, and also to offer views of the garden from different angles. Several dedicated play spaces have been woven through the garden with a balance beam winding through planting, and new swing cutting accross to break up the length of the garden. Taller grasses partially screen the shed and climbing frame, in part for aesthetic purposes but also to enhance the sense of adventure for little ones playing.

Drifts of ornamental grasses with splashes of colour popping through offer a contemporary feel to the garden, with a dotting of evergreen shrubs for added structure and year-round interest.

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