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Portobello, Edinburgh

I was contacted by this client for some advice on how to turn their garden into a more desirable and easy to maintain space.  They were already clear on how they wanted the garden to be used, and keen to do the work themselves but needed some guidance on how to put it all together in a unified and aesthetically pleasing design.  The design divides the garden into useable 'rooms', separating each space but keeping them unified to ensure continuity and flow.

'I approached Sarah to offer us some advice on smartening up our garden and making it more functional. We had been spending more time in it (barbecue-ing, growing and playing with our pre-school son) during lockdown and wanted it to work better for us. I sent Sarah our wishlist, some pictures and a video. She developed a plan based on our needs and which keeps the basic structure but offers us more functionality while keeping it tidy and easy to maintain. Once we have harvested this year’s veg, we have a blueprint to work towards using our own labour or buying in some labour and expertise from a gardening firm. Thanks to Sarah, we can see how to progress the plan in manageable phases and where we can save costs by doing parts of it ourselves'

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